W3C's Role

The Web must evolve at a pace unrivaled in other industries: almost no time is required to turn a bright idea into a new product or service and make it available on the Web to the entire world.

With an audience of millions applying W3C specifications and providing feedback, W3C concentrates its efforts on three principle tasks:

  1. Vision: W3C promotes and develops its vision of the future of the World Wide Web. Contributions from several hundred dedicated researchers and engineers, and from the entire Web community enable W3C to identify the technical requirements that must be satisfied if the Web is to be a truly universal information space.
  2. Design: W3C designs Web technologies to realize this vision, taking into account existing technologies as well as those of the future.
  3. Standardization: W3C contributes to efforts to standardize Web technologies by producing specifications (called "Recommendations") that describe the building blocks of the Web. W3C makes these Recommendations freely available to all.