W3C Talks in July

W3C presentations and events also available as an RSS channel . (Archivio News inglese, italiano)
  • Addison Phillips presents at the 10th Open Metadata Forum on 11 July in New York City, USA.
  • Karl Dubost, Tatsuya Hagino, Olivier Thereaux present and Yasuyuki Hirakawa runs a booth at Web標準の日々 (The Days of Web Standards 2007) on 15 July in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Philipp Hoschka presents at the W3C Webinar (Webcast, in German) on 17 July.
  • On behalf of the W3C Germany and Austria Office, Felix Sasaki presents a lecture organized by Zentrums für Medien und Interaktivität, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, on 20 July in Gießen, Germany.
  • Dan Connolly presents at XML Summer School on 25 July in Oxford, United Kingdom.